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Alat Optik dan Grosir Softlens : Murah, Berkualitas dan Bergaransi. Untuk hub : WA/LINE 08883650398 , Pin BB 5AAB51FA.
  • Auto Refractometer AO8906
  • Auto Projector AO8506E Halogen Lamp
  • Electric Working Table AO7001
  • Digital lens driller AO3503
  • Paket Refraksi Lengkap 1
  • Paket Refraksi Lengkap 2 Digital
  • Paket Rerfraksi Auto Wireless Tablet Controller
  • Autorefractor Keratometer Visionix L78E
  • Auto lens meter Visionix VX35
  • Auto Refractometer Supore RMK 700
  • LCD Snellen Chart Supore ACP 60s
  • Phoropter Supore VT-8
  • Supore Edger ALE-1000 + Scanner ST-1200
  • Weco E-1 Full Automatic Edger
  • Weco E-3 , Full 3D Automatic Edger with drilling
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wow...cocok ini buat distributor di surabaya... AROS membutuhkan supplier primary buat peralatannya...

ini dia solusi tepat untuk pengusaha optik pemula.... banyak tahu ttg alat optik... murah lagi.... salut buat

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product arrow Weco E-1 Full Automatic Edger

Price Rp 328.550.016
Rp 260.000.000

Full Automatic Edging Machine, WECO E-1
- Gravitech : trace frame dengan sistem terbaru, dengan scan, tanpa mekanik spindel/jarum
- Dapat menyimpan sampai dari 300 job dan 200 frame shapes
- Paralas-Free Digital blocking
- untuk semua jenis lensa : CR, HI, Poly dan Trivex
- Multi bevel program
- Bisa proses grooving, dengan setelan lebar dan kedalaman groove

Untuk lihat video Weco E1 :

Fast and Effective: GraviTech® Tracing

The process starts with placing the Demo Lens on its' convex side on the layout plate. The  gravitational point of the balanced lens ensures a consistent and perfect digital copy of the shape.

o Accurate Shape Recognition

o Easy Determination of Frame Curvature

o Fast Process (<3 sec="" p="">

Accurate and Secure: GraviTech® Centering and Blocking

Next, the Lens is centered according to the calculated Gravity Point. This unique contact point on the balanced lens is used as the reference for blocking.

o Parallax Free Blocking

o Partial Measurement Process ensuring Fitting of the Lens

o Digital Centration Process

Precise and Versatile: GraviTech® Finishing

Edging around the Gravity Center takes into account the same contour as previously detected in the  first step. This patented technology delivers astonishing accuracy and unparalleled consistency never before seen with outside tracing.

o Multiple Edging Programs

o Safety Processing included

o Includes Grooving and Safety Bevel

o Perfect Contouring with 90mm wheels

Perfect Results ensure: GraviTech® Fitting

This incredibly easy-to-use technology is just one of many capabilities offered by WECO E.1. Due to  advanced finishing capabilities such as shape modification with an on-screen comparison function for before and after changes, even more complex  tasks including edging multifocal lenses are able to be performed with ease.

o Useful shape modification for multi-focals

o Modification of Shape Axis with Live Re-Check

o Exceptionally accurate "first fit" rate

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