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wow...cocok ini buat distributor di surabaya... AROS membutuhkan supplier primary buat peralatannya...

ini dia solusi tepat untuk pengusaha optik pemula.... banyak tahu ttg alat optik... murah lagi.... salut buat

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product arrow Autorefractor Keratometer Visionix L78E

Price Rp 231.000.000
Rp 185.000.000

Auto Refractor and Keratometer Visionix L78 ARK

Made in FRANCE (Perancis - Eropa) Kualitas Dunia, Handal dan Akurat.
Memiliki 1500 titik pengukuran dengan waktu scan kurang dari 2 detik! , teknologi wavefront 3D

- Pelacakan otomatis
- Fokus otomatis
- Gerakan mata kanan / kiri
- Sepenuhnya otomatis
- Berdasar teknologi Wavefront
- Ukuran ukuran pupil kecil 2mm

Visionix L78 ARK (Auto Refractor and Keratometer) 

The Visionix L78 ARK has 1500 measuring points in less than 2 seconds! 
VISIONIX develops, manufactures and distributes innovative equipment and provides a complete solution for ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians and optical laboratories. The company's distribution includes a direct sales-force and a large network of leading qualified distributors and partners in Europe, USA and the Far East. 

VISIONIX developed its products by relying on its innovative patented PowerMap TM technology, which provides simultaneous multipoint measurements of all the parameters of a lens. The technology, originated by the impressive list of VISIONIX scientists is based on Hartman Wavefront 3-D technology. This knowledge and experience has put VISIONIX at the forefront of Wavefront Technology. 

Our mission is to supply the optometric and ophthalmic industries with the highest level of technology at an affordable price. Our instruments are designed for precision, accuracy, and ease of use. We will continue to be the leaders in innovation through investing in research and development to provide technology to further the fields of optometry, ophthalmology, and optician. 

The Visionix L78 ARK has 1500 measuring points in less than 2 seconds and provides you with detailed refraction analysis. Using Shack-Hartmann technology the Wavefront analysis enables very accurate measurements. The ease of the L78 is renowned among customers and patients with automated and independent form the operator and offers 3D alignment, right/left movement, tracking, and focusing. The graphical display of refraction errors enhances understanding and reliability, allowing better diagnosis. With its high reliability and time-saving operation, this instrument will put your practice on the fast to success. You may print the values and transfer them to a PC or to most Phoropters. 

Key Points: 
- Auto tracking 
- Auto focusing 
- Right/left eye movement 
- Fully automated 
- Based on Wavefront technology 
- A measure of small pupil size (min. 2 mm) 
- A global view of eye refraction aberrations 

Technical Specifications: 

- Dimensions: W 11.8 x D 15.3 X H 19.6 
- Weight: 55 lbs 
- Working distance: 3.6'' 
- Display: 10.4; LCD touchscreen 
- Spherical power range: -20D to +20D 
- Cylinder power range: 0D to +8D 
- Axis: 0 to 180 degrees 
- Measuring area Min diameter 2mm - maximum diameter 7 mm (3 area) 
- Number of measuring points 1500 
- Acquisition time 2 seconds 
- Mapping method : Shack-Hartmann 

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